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The HIP POP story

HIP POP started life in 2019 with a scoby, a garage, and a whole lot of love for the art of fermentation. When Emma gave Kenny some of her homemade kombucha for his IBS, this ancient natural elixir hit the spot, and once he experienced the results they decided to get it out to the world.

A pocket-sized microbrewery was launched where all the best businesses start: in the humble four walls of Emma’s garage. From there they began concocting the very first HIP POP bubbles, taking them to local farmer’s markets, where the kombucha love was felt so far and wide, that they decided it was time to create HIP POP’s very own grown-up brewery on Manor House Farm, in the beautiful UK countryside. 

1.5 million cans of gut lovin’ goodness later, and we’re on a mission to spread the joy of kombucha across the world. Cheers to that!

Got a question?

Like a soothing arm around your shoulder. Our specially infused drinks won’t get you high, but they will help you float off into the best version of you, so you can relax, find your focus, and seize the day.

Whenever you want a helping of calm in your day. In the bath? Oh, the luxury. On the go? The best way to sail smoothly into your day. At an evening soirée? The perfect guilt-free party starter. Drink them from dawn till dusk, however you so please.

Rest easy compadre, you’re in safe hands. At HIP POP, we use only the best botanicals, and all of our drinks are third-party tested, here in the UK.

There are many wonderful, therapeutic properties to this fabulous little plant. Whether you’re looking to feel more balanced, calm or focused, get a better night’s sleep, lower your anxiety, or even help ease pain!

Welcome to the sexy science part. The compound helps to activate the body's endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for controlling many of the body’s functions, such as your mood, memory, sleep and appetite, allowing your mind to put its feet up.

Technically speaking, you can drink 4.666667 cans of our lovely kombucha a day – that’s the recommended daily dose. But if you’re new around here, we suggest starting with 1 can a day, until you find your sweet spot. 

No, not all kombucha is equal. Some is quite simply so outrageously more delicious than others. You see, just like beer or wine, there’s the mass-made stuff, and then there’s the lovingly, hand-crafted booch, made the traditional way, like HIP POP.

We know, you’re sweet enough. But every can of HIP POP in fact contains less sugar than a glass of natural carrot juice. Because when we brew our booch, we only use a very small amount of organic cane sugar to feed the gorgeous kombucha cultures. Any residual sugar is then broken down during fermentation, so it’s easier for the body to process.

Unwind your mind with bubbly botanical goodness

Slow down and float off to a land of relaxation with our naturally-powered botanical buzz. Every single can of our specially infused kombucha is brimming with 1 billion live bacteria, delicious antioxidants, botanicals and juicy organic acids, helping you to keep your feel-good levels refreshed at all times.   

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